Houston Street Scenes
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Houston: Looking Down Main


1/11/2008 at about 1:00 p.m.  Nikon 300mm f4 lens at f8, hand-held at 1/1000 sec. exposure.  This a 2/3rds or so crop of the original frame, saved as 1605x1080.  Since downtown Houston is pretty flat, and the roads straight, you can get some cool multi-stoplight and traffic sign pictures down the avenues.  Do you see the 8 traffic lights on the upper right?


Every now and then I find myself at work with a camera bag.  If it's a nice day I'll go outside and snap a few pictures with whatever I've got in the bag.

Houston, Upon Reflection


Picture above used my little Panasonic Lumix camera with a Leica lens.  I shot into the stonework on Main Street to catch reflections of the buildings and I'm not sure what!


Houston Architecture Pictures here

Fountain & Train in Downtown Houston


Nikon 300mm f4 shot


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Copyright 2008 Dick Locke.  All Rights Reserved.
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