Ski Trip - Digital!

Here are some pictures from our ski trip.  Click on an image to see a larger version. 

Dick from the Top

One from a picture taking session at the top of the Bonanza lift.

The Locke Family Ski Trip, Park City, Utah

This was taken by a woman unfortunate enough to get to the top of the Bonanza lift during a period of dense fog. You couldn't see the signs directing you down! We skied down with her.

Madeline & Shirley

Madeline at the Top

Madeline at the top of "Bonanza"

That stuff that looks like grass in the background is really leafless trees in the valley below.

(Another) Shirley & Madeline in the Fog

Madeline, Temptation Scenery

Tempation runs along a ridge at Park City and it features great scenery.

Madeline on Temptation (Surreal)

Shirley & Madeline in the Fog

Shirley skiing down Blanch in the fog


These pictures were taken with an Olympus D-100 camera that Madeline received for Christmas in 2001.

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