Madeline Music

Pictures from Madeline's various musical performances. Check out the Piano pix.

Madeline's Piano Recital

Available light with my 180mm f2.8 Nikon lens & F3 camera, 1/60 @f2.8

Many Rewards

Madeline received numerous music awards this year. Flash shot.

Madeline Voice Recital

Olympus C4040 digital camera, 1/80s @f1.8, 400 setting, 35mm (wide) zoom, no flash.

Voice Recital # 2

Same as previous except 100mm zoom setting @f2.6

Christmas 2001

Church service, children's choir. Kodak 1000 film, 1/60, Olympus OM2n & 80mm f2 lens wide open (I think!)

Madeline's Flute Recital

1/60s, f2.6, 100mm zoom, 400 setting, Olympus C4040 digital

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