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Canon 20Da

Modified by Hap Griffin for 15% improved Ha sensitivity over stock




 $          450

Current asking for stock model.  Example photo.

Canon 85mm USM f1.8 lens

no flaws, super sharp lens, with box

 $         328

 $         250

 $         325


Check this photo taken with the lens

Canon 35mm f2 lens


 $         299

 $         150

 $         225



Canon 18-55 lens

focus/zoom ring fading

 $           65

 $           60

 $           60



Canon 50mm f1.8 lens

no flaws, used a couple times

 $           84

 $           50

 $           70




Interval timer


 $           40

 $           55





 $         776

 $         550

 $         735

 $          450



 $                                                                                                       1,000






Lenses for Nikon cameras are shown below.  Here are some points to note.

  1. Note that the lenses in the first section fit both full-sized (FX) and 1.5x sized (DX) Nikon DSLR cameras, as well as other Nikon film cameras.  They cover the entirety of a 35 x 24 mm sensor. 
  2. Many Nikon cameras will provide an "in focus" indicator in the viewfinder for these manual focus lenses. 
  3. The manual AIS lenses have reliable infinity stops on Nikon camera, and have a manually adjustable apertures (most newer auto focus lenses do not) which is important for use with CCD cameras. 
  4. Finally, Nikon lenses can be used on Canon camera bodies with inexpensive adapters.

Here are the "full frame" Nikon FX lenses available.

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DX Camera Lens available:



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