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Thank you for viewing my image licensing page, and for your interest in my images.  I have invested a lot of time and effort in my pictures, and I retain the copyright to all of the images displayed on my web site.  When I do allow images to be used for any purpose, I require a written agreement.


Images from my web site may not be used for any purpose without my written permission.


Advertisers: Please via email if you are interested in advertising on my web site.


Art Buyers, Stock Photography seekers: Nearly all images are available in high resolution formats suitable for large-scale reproduction.  See below and please contact me for a quote.


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Commercial and for-profit use:  For a quote, please contact me with a detailed description of your proposed use of the specific image(s).  Please note that images licensed for advertising purposes will begin in the $200 range.


I do sell custom prints.  Contact me for a quote.   Please identify the specific image(s) in which you are interested if at all possible.


Schools, Academic, Students, Teachers: I will allow use of my images as part of student class projects, but require that some form of credit be provided with the image(s), and that you get my permission in advance.  For permission, please determine exactly which images you would like to use.  Then, please tell me your name, school, grade level, and the course you are taking or teaching.  Clearly describe the images you want to use, and how they will be incorporated into the assignment.  Please allow 2 to 3 days for a response.  Teachers: please contact me with the information listed above, but understand that I generally cannot allow my images to be incorporated into instructional material without a licensing agreement and payment.


All Other:

Please describe what you would like to do with my image(s) via email.  Please identify the specific image(s) in which you are interested.  Please note that I do not generally allow charitable or religious organizations free use of my images.

Questions, Comments, or Corrections

I welcome questions, comments, or corrections regarding any of my images.  Please contact me here.  An alternate email address is Dick (at) (address broken up to discourage spam).




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Additional information about copyright and image usage

Copyright law is complex and I have included some links to more information below.  The info at these links does a far better job of explaining the legal "ins and outs" than I can.


Eagle's page about photo copyright matters


American Society of Media Photographers


Fair Use


Generally, you may not use my images without permission.  If you like my pictures and want to share them with others you may send or use links to my web pages.  You may also use my images as a background on your personal computer in a non-commercial, non-public setting.


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