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I specialize in nature, wildlife, scenic, macro (close-up), and astrophotography from Texas, USA.  The easiest way to find an image on my web site is to type in a search phrase (e.g., "bee", "Comet", "Saturn"...) below, then hit return or click on "Search My Site."  Or, just scroll down and click on a thumbnail that looks interesting...  Recent & Featured Pictures on Top.  Many are interested in the camera equipment used to capture these images.  The Nikon D810A is the newest addition.  Recently I've been working on backyard pictures, dragonflies, and spiders.  Really recently I've done some moths and wasps. Sunsets.





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Wildflower Showcase



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Astronomy Index

West Texas Wildlife





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New: Nikon D810A Moon Pictures

West Texas Astronomy


Starry Nights Images


The Woodlands College Park Basketball Pictures

Sunrise and Sunset Images

Travel Photos

Aerial Pictures of The Woodlands, Texas, area

Scenic Photography:  
Christmas 2004 Snow storm Brazoria TX

Check out the West Texas Wildfire Pictures

Richard Thompson


Texas Hill Country,
Wimberley, TX Pictures

Texas Hill Country Pictures, May 2006


West Texas Scenic Photography


Marshland Pictures
(March 2008)

Thunder on the Beach

This great image is copyright Jason Abraham and Dick Locke, with my contribution of the lightning and cloudscape.


Architecture Images, Pictures
Houston Astros Pictures

Former Pres. Bush at the ballpark

Hurricane Ike Pictures

Waterfall Pictures from Oregon


Special: Moon meanders through the Seven Sisters

New 2008 Scenic Pictures

Muskrat from Indiana


Jonathan gave us a tour of a nature area on our 2011 visit to Indiana, where I got a chance to shoot my first muskrat!

  HAS March 2010 Pictures

 Astronomy Index, Pretty New: New Spider Photos
"You talkin' to me?"
  (The Paper Wasp & buddies, 2nd picture down).
 Dog Face (Sulpher) Butterfly Images Pictures,
Morning in The Woodlands 1: D100 Pond & Flower pictures, 2: Mushrooms and Fungi

Astronomy Features, Animal Photos, Cloudscapes, Butterflies, Wildflower Showcase and Landscapes, Sunrise and Sunset Images.  In 2009 I was occupied with Deck & Porch Repair!


"Happy Holidays" Page Here

Corpus pix (all)
Corpus: sunriseflowers
Flowers & Landscapes
Bee Close-Ups
Aphids & Flowers
SnailZ (& Fly)
Caterpillar, Anole, Spider
Spider Page
Lizard & Bugs
More: Lizards & Bugs
Ski Trip Pictures
Piano & Music
Family Pix 
Michigan and Nevada Pix
Brazos Bend State Park
Big Woodpecker
Downtown Houston

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