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This page shows the transformation of the backyard at our new place, as well as a few other pictures captured there.  Bird pictures from the hood are hereBird pictures exclusively from our yard are here.  Some of the hummingbird pictures are also from the house.  There are flowers, dragonflies, spiders, bees, and wasps, captured in the yard.

Backyard August 2016

The backyard vegetation has filled in nicely!  You can see the evolution in the pictures below.

Back Yard: Spring 2016

Backyard - Growth in Progress

We're getting some good color in the backyard.  The above was shot with the 14-24mm lens.

More Backyard Flowers

The above was with the 200mm f4 lens.  Both the previous shots were processed with Photoshop CS6's HDR toning adjustment.  I am a sucker for saturated colors, what can I say?

Black-eyed Susan Flowers Up Close

Both the preceding images were shot with the 200mm f4 lens.

Still working on recent flower pictures, now that things have matured a bit.  My main flower picture page is here.

Hummingbird Bush Flowers

This is commonly called a hummingbird bush or mexican firebush.  This link had detailed information about this plant, more formally named Hamelia (Hamelia patens).  The yellow plant in the background is a Thryallis, see below.

Full Camera Resolution Crop - Thryallis

Click on the thumbnail above to see the big picture.  D810A with 200mm f4 lens at f14, 1/800s, Matrix metering, ISO 1000, auto white balance and Vivid setting.  This is a straight crop of the camera jpeg, no editing.

Male House Finch

He's checking out the hummingbird feeder for some reason!  Shot through the back window.  More backyard bird pictures are here.

Backyard March 2016

The Bottlebrush are doing well, and most everything else is perking up.

Backyard- Just Planted "Done" View

Similar Backyard View, July 2015

Backyard Looking WSW, July 2015

Backyard Facing East July 2015

The Bunnies

After a Hail Storm!

Another "Done" View

Before: Not Looking Great

Most of the Grass Removed Looking West

Looking West, Everything Done

Looking at the House, Grass Removed

The Soil Turned Over

Black Dirt & Some Plants Facing East at Sunrise

Mulch & Some Plants Looking East

Everything Completed Looking East

Looking Behind the House: Mulch & Some Plants

Stone & Trees Added

Post-Hailstorm Rainbow

Another Southwest View

Backyard Plans - What's Planted


Bird Setup: Backyard

Here's the 2016 bird setup, pointing at the bluebird house!


Copyright by Dick Locke.  All Rights Reserved. 
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