Harper's Preserve Yard Bird Pictures from Harper's Preserve, by Dick Locke
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Cooper's Hawk: Backyard in the Rain

This immature Cooper's Hawk is turning his head almost 180 degrees (his body is facing away from the camera).  He's looking for an easy meal, no doubt.  Feb 2018.  See more on my Raptors page.



Hummingbird - July 2016

More hummingbirds, many from the backyard, are at the link below.

Hummingbird Picture Page

Northern Mockingbird Taking a Drink

Northern Mockingbird Checking out the Scene

The Mockingbird is showing up from time to time now that we have a fig tree.  While these guys mostly eat bugs, they also are doing the figs.

Male House Finch

I have taken a number of House Finch photos from the back yard but for whatever reason I've not been happy with them.  The guy above was kind enough to pose very close to me, for long enough to get off a couple shots.

Male Cardinal April 2016

He's like, what is that thing you're pointing at me?


Male House Finch

He's checking out the hummingbird feeder for some reason!  Shot through the back window.  The funny looking reflections are due to the windows.

Cedar Waxwing

Surprise visitor March 2016.  D810A, 300mm f2.8 with 2x, f5.6, 1/640s, ISO 1800!  Flash with the better beamer.

White-winged Dove

These doves dig the bird feeder in the backyard.  This guy's got some beefy legs.

Mourning Dove:  Trying Not to be Seen

August 15, 2015.  I was trying to sneak up on this dove with the big lens on a monopod late morning on another HOT day, and a big challenge was not to perspire on the camera.  Nikon D750, 300 f2.8 lens at f4 (spot metered), 1/500s at ISO 250.  Love that lens!

Male Sparrows on Feeder

I messed with some interval exposures of the bird feeders the weekend of 8/14/15. This was with the D810A, 200mm macro, f10, ISO 800, 1/400s.

Barn Swallow Babies on the Front Porch

We hosted a Barn Swallow family in 2016, despite half-hearted efforts to chase them off.  Things got quite messy, but they were very cute.  They're a few days from fledging in this picture, and you can see their small nest is getting very crowded!  See more on my Barn Swallow page.


A Sparrow Eating the Weeds

From our HP back yard... Shot through our double-paned windows on tippy toes to shoot over the screened-in bottom part.  I previously had this as a wren, but looks like a female sparrow.

Sparrow Gathering


More HP Critter Pics

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