NEW Snailz (9/02) Close-Up (Macro/Micro)

We had a great deal of rain this summer, which led to a bumper crop of snails.  One good thing about snails is that they are relatively easy to photograph:  They do not move too fast!  The first is of a guy who climbed to the very tip of a flower bud to do his thing.  The second shows a snail dining on some plant leaves, leaving nasty looking holes behind.

Snail #1

Snail #2

Fly! (A Flesh Fly, Sarcophagidea)

The fly above is on a ceramic squirrel in our back yard.  Some day I'll get a photo of the squirrel to show perspective.  All are from Kodak E-200 slide film, Nikon N90s, Nikon 105mm macro lens, with flash, ~ f32.

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