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This is my web page for miscellaneous pictures of the family, the cats, etc. 

2017: Pictures and Tribute to my father, the late Richard Thomas Locke

Madeline's Latest here
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Newly unearthed!

Dick and Shirley in Austin many moons ago, Madeline was the photographer.

Dick (sr.), Rita, and Madeline in Michigan

Shirley, DB, and Beek in Leakey, TX.  Shirley is misbehaving, as usual.

Madeline on the riverwalk in San Antonio

Dressed Up for the Dance: 09-18-04

The Full Dress

Madeline Gets Some Air

1/100sec f2.8, 80-200mm f2.8D lens, Nikon D100 at ISO 800.  Shot in very low light with curves adjustment in Photoshop.  Used both Neat Image and Grain Surgery noise reduction tools.  This is about a 50% crop.

Madeline from 2003

Annie Jr. Summer 2004

Older Family Pix
Madeline A Blast from the Past
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This is a nice picture of myself & my lovely wife!
Happy Holidays 2003!Happy Holidays 2004!
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Old Photo gallery below...

Madeline in a Mirror

Madeline watching TV in our bedroom. I'm on the left taking the pic with my xtra-wide angle lens. Bounced the flash off the ceiling.

El Gato

Bit with Tongue

Bit up close & personal.

Bit in Bed

Bit's all tucked in (in Madeline's doll crib)

Madeline chillin' in the chair.

Menz Sweaters, Christmas, 2002

Madeline's 13th birthday party... Fun with squirt guns.

Loves getting the presents...

Trying on a necklace...

Japan Bowl

See the Corpus Pix here (more family!)

Older: Madeline at the pond. (Tokina 17mm lens, polarizer, Olympus 2s camera)

Madeline, Candle-Lit @ Christmas Service (B&W)
Madeline taking part in a Christmas Service

Walkers, 2004, Pictures Batch 1

Walkers, 2004, Pictures Batch 2

Shirley's 50th Birthday Party Pictures

Dick Locke's Home Page

Below: Marie from N. Dakota in the flowers!


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