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Madeline Graduating High School 6/2/2008

Madeline and "Railroad"

Madeline's picture is hanging in her school district's administration building.  This picture started out with photographs Madeline took, then assembled into a collage in Photoshop, then printed in black and white.  The printed picture is then copied by hand using colored pencils.  I think I got that right ;-)  Amazing.  Adding to the artistry, the dad's reflection was showing a bit in the print, which he tried to remove in Photoshop...

Madeline before her "the other" Woodland high school's homecoming dance, October 14, 2006.

The Dress, Sitting

Alternate view of the flip...

The Dress, Standing

Oooh, that's scary!  Madeline dressed up and handed out candy on Halloween 2006

Main Family Pix

Gorilla Band Northshore 2005 - July
New: 12/2004 Family Pix XMASNew 1/2005: High Over The Woodlands
Madeline, Candle-Lit @ Christmas Service (B&W)
Madeline taking part in a Christmas Service
Walkers, 2004, Pictures Batch 1
Walkers, 2004, Pictures Batch 2 
Older: Madeline at the pond. (Tokina 17mm lens, polarizer, Olympus 2s camera)

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