The Woodlands College Park Basketball Pictures by Dick Locke
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Here are some images of the 2007/2008 College Park basketball games.  Garrett Constance, #13, is the son of our good friends.  You'll see him in all the pictures!  The team had a fine season, finally losing in Waco in the 4th round of the playoffs in 2008.  See bottom of page for more.

Garrett Constance, #13, scores

Kirk Van Slyke, #33, is also a standout player, as is #23, Eddie Porter


On D

Starters got some bench time late in the game...

After a win

2008 Notes from coach McNeely:
Please help congratulate the following players who were selected
All-District by the coaches of 15-5A:

Most Outstanding Player of District 15-5A: Garrett Constance
1st Team All-District: Kirk Van Slyke
2nd Team All-District: Ryan Butts and JP Wells
Honorable Mention All-District: AJ Myres and Eddie Porter
Kirk Van Slyke was also a finalist for the McDonald's All-American Game


Photo Notes: Shots from the bleachers.  Nikon D200 at ISO 3200, Nikon Nikkor 80-200mm f2.8 ED lens, usually at 80mm, f2.8, manual exposure set to 1/320s.  Neat Image used to reduce the noise.  The lighting is not photographer-friendly in these gyms, and the images have gone through color correction in Photoshop of varying effectiveness ;-)

An external link about taking basketball pictures is here.

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Copyright 2008 Dick Locke.  All Rights Reserved.
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