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Sun Mirages & Green Flashes

As an amateur astronomer, I have had the opportunity to photograph a number of sunsets while waiting for darkness to fall.  This page links you to some of my better sunrise and sunset images.

Awesome Sky Color!

Beautiful sunset image.  Photograph info: Nikon F3HP & 55mm micro lens, Kodak E200 Slide film.  Taken many years ago at the North Houston Astronomy Club's Neal observing Site (see NHAC Pix), near Dolen, TX.


Cannon Beach Sunset Pictures: 2005 Trip, Dick Locke

Corpus Sunrise Page

(Corpus Christi Sunrise Images)

2012 Venus Transit

Partial Eclipse from The Woodlands, TX

May 20, 2012.  I first set up at my regular spot near Shadowbend park, but too many trees.  We drove down to Kuykendahl and pulled off the side of the road by a  pond with a good horizon to the WNW.  We were totally clouded out until the sun peeked through for a few minutes before setting!  I shot away, and kept moving trying to get the best line of sight.  Tripod mounted Nikon D7000 camera with the Nikon 300mm f4 ED lens at f4.5, 1/1250s exposure, ISO 500, auto exposure using spot metering.



Spooky Eclipse Through the Trees

Another view of the May 20, 2012 eclipse from The Woodlands, TX. The clouds and trees are obscuring the sun, and things seem to be on fire!  Same equipment as above, 1/5000s at f9, spot metering on the brightest part of the sun.


 Planet Sunset Pictures (Images of the Moon & Planets just after dark!)
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Neal Pond
Neal Pond 2

Picture from the old NHAC site

Harvest Moon, and full moon set
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