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Canon 20Da First Light
New M45
Book Cover Moon
My Moonshot on the cover of a book!
Canon D20a and Nikon D100 noise comparison here.
Astrophotography: Clusters
New for 2005: NHAC - moon and mercury pictures   and New Galaxy Photos -
NHAC Pix - Comet Machholz & The Pleiades (The Seven Sisters)
Newest Planets!  NexImage pictures

Moon and Planets

Articles: Basic Image Processing in Photoshop
Why Film Astrophotography?

 This was where I began to publish my first astronomy photos.  It's in reverse chronological order.

Some good stuff: check out Featured Astronomy Photos.  If you're interested in how to "do" astrophotography, see: Basic Astrophotography

Mo' Mars: Click on the pic.  (Click on Mars to go to my Mars page.)

I began to experiment with astrophotography with my Nikon D100 as of 8/2003

2002/2003 Starry Nights Pix
Comet Ikeya-Zhang
Leonid Meteor Shower, November 17/18, 2001
Planet Pictures
Early & Easy Astropix and D100 Fixed Tripod Astronomy Pictures/Images
2002 Starry Nights Pix
M45, The Pleiades or Seven Sisters (11/17/2001)
Lunar Attitudes
Moon Halo
Lunar Images
Scope Setup

Starry Nights B&B, Wimberly TX, October 17-21, 2001
We had some great weather on this trip.

M31, The Andromeda Galaxy
M33, The Triangulum or Pinwheel Galaxy (Newer M33 here)
Star Trails (very wide angle)

Davis Mountains, Texas, April 2001
The weather wasn't terribly cooperative on this trip where I had the opportunity to try out my new Losmandy G-11 mount...

Davis Mountains, Texas, November 2000
Here are Astronomy images images from our latest dark sky trip! My daytime shots are worth checking out too.

Davis Mountains, Texas, May/June 2000

North Houston Astronomy Club's "Sammy" Neal Observing Site, September 30, 2000 -- This was an outstanding night! Very clear, very dark!

North Houston Astronomy Club's "Sammy" Neal Observing Site, August 26/27, 2000

NHAC Neal Site, June, 2000

Back Yard, The Woodlands, Texas

Lunar Eclipse, January 20, 2000 -- Fuji 100 print film, prime focus, Takahashi FS 102 telescope with 2X tele-extender at f16

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