Orion at 180mm

This is the Orion belt area shot with a 180mm telephoto lens. The 3 belt stars are in the middle-top of the frame. Under the left-most belt star you can barely make out the Horsehead Nebula. To the left of the same star is the Flame Nebula. Near the center-bottom you can see M42, the Great Nebula in Orion. Above it , you can easily make out the blue reflection nebula NGC1977. Part of Barnard's Loop is visible on the top left, and there's a lot of red nebulosity in the entire frame.

Davis Mountains, TX, November 22, 2000   
Photo by Dick Locke

10 minute guided exposure
Losmandy GM-8,
Camera mounted using DSBS system
Nikon F2 camera & 180mm ED f2.8 lens @f2.8
Kodak PJ 400 film
Negative Scan, Minolta Scan Dual, Processed in Photoshop

Orion: Widefield Nebulosity Galore (2007)

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