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This page has links to my pictures of Messier objects. What's a Messier object?  See below.

M1M2M3M4 (solo), M4 (wider) and Antares (wide)
M5M6 (New 2014)M7, older  M7M8 (solo), old M20 & M8 together, Starcloud area
M9 (wide angle via mouseover)M10M11 DSLR towards bottomM12
M13M14M15M16 (pillars of creation area)
M17 (Swan/Omega Nebula)M18M19M20 (solo), M20 & M8 together, Starcloud area
M21M22M23 (Starcloud page)M24 starcloud & N Sag
M25 Milky Way/Pipe NebulaM26M27M28
M29M30M31-main,  M31 and 20DaM32 with M31
M33M34M35M36 Auriga & 36/38 photo
M37Auriga & 36/38photoM39M40
M41 and M41M42 20Da, M42 (film) and D100 AstroM43 Orion Area 300mmM44 (Beehive)
M45 (The Pleiades) , M45 + CometM46 and M47M46 and M47M48 (scroll down)
M49M50M 51 M52 and Bubble Nebula
M57M58 & M89M59 and M60M59 and M60
M61M62 (scroll down)M63 SunflowerM64 Black Eye
M65 Leo TrioM66 Leo TrioM67M68
M69 (bottom)M70M71M72
M81 and M82M81 and M82M83 nice spiralM84 Markarian
M85M86 MarkarianM87M88
M89 & M58M90M91M92 (bottom)
M93 (scroll down)M94M95M96, M105
Galaxies M97, M108M98M99M100
M96, M105M106M107Galaxies M108, M97
M109M110 with M31ClustersNebula Pictures
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Jay Wrathall has a nice Messier Gallery and is using my M42 and M45 images.   

What's a Messier Object?

The Messier objects are a set of astronomical objects catalogued by Charles Messier in his catalogue of Nebulae and Star Clusters first published in 1774. The original motivation behind the catalogue was that Messier was a comet hunter, and was frustrated by objects that looked like comets, but were not comets. He therefore compiled a list of these objects.   This list is very popular with astronomers for obvious reasons: they're relatively easy to find and beautiful to observe.  More info:'s a link to good list of the objects, along with simple finder charts.

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New M45
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My Moonshot on the cover of a book!
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NHAC Pix - Comet Machholz & The Pleiades (The Seven Sisters)


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