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IC 1396 - 16 hrs - Hubble Palette - First Cut

See more of IC1396 here

Again, I'd suggest you head to my primary Astrophotography Page here!

M8 and M20 Area Featured Pictures

Davis Mountain  Pictures

In 2008 I started using a QHY8 CCD Camera

North American Nebula with 20Da

M33 - new version

Pleiades- new version
Pipe Nebula                                 Mars
California NebulaAndromeda Galaxy
Horsehead AreaLunar Attitudes


Yours Truly, photo by Kent Francis

That's my older Takahashi FS 102 above, I'm now shooting with a Takahashi TOA 130 (a 5" APO refractor) and Canon EOS D20a

Basic Astrophotography

One of my faves:  Planetary Alignment Pix

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