Trifid (M20) and Lagoon (M8) Nebulae Area Pictures - Visual Index
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Also including nearby areas such as M24 and Barnard 92 & 93.

M8 Lagoon Nebula close-ups

Click to see the Trifid Nebula, M20

Check out: Trifid and M8 - wider views


Star Cloud (M24) Pictures

M24, Barnard 92 & 93

Southern Scorpius: Cat's Paw Nebula, NGC 6634

NGC6559, IC4685, B303 Nebula nebula

Southern Milky Way Objects

... and a Milky Way Image Gallery

Lagoon Nebula (M-8) Area

(from ST-8000 Narrowband Page)

NGC 6188 is in the area

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