Orion.... with a little haze!
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Notes: Orion is obviously the subject of this picture. This picture was stopped after 5 minutes because I noticed a haze forming quickly. I figured the shot would be ruined, but instead it has a pleasing, diffused quality around the bright stars that helps bring out their color. Some astrophotographers use haze filters to accomplish this effect on purpose; but I got it by accident!  Note the big red loop (Barnard's Loop) around Orion is just visible. The very bright blue star on the lower right is Rigel; the yellow/red/orange star near the top is Betelegeuse. The red area to the upper left is the Rosette Nebula. The Horsehead Nebula area is just below the left-most belt star.

Davis Mountains, TX, November 24, 2000   
Photo by Dick Locke

5 minute exposure (no guiding)
Piggyback on Losmandy GM-8

Pentax 50mm f1.4 lens @f2.5
Kodak PJ 400 film
Negative Scan, Minolta Scan Dual, Processed in Photoshop

Orion: Widefield Nebulosity Galore (2007)

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