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Here are the March 2012 Conjunction Pictures

2012 Venus Transit

March 30, 2010: Venus (upper left) and Mercury (lower right)

Planetary Landscapes

2009: Saturn with edge-on rings - see on the Saturn Page

Planetary Alignment Page

Saturn with the new scope!


Saturn and Jupiter

A Bad Picture of the Moon?

No, it's a shot of Venus in broad daylight.  Like the moon, Venus has phases and was 1.14% illuminated when shot at 5:30 p.m. on 3/24/2009, about 3 hours before local sunset. 

Venus as a Crescent

12/28/2005: Venus as a crescent at prime focus on the Takahashi TOA 130!


Whoa!  Ken Florentino from the digital astrophoto group processed some of my images using ImagesPlus ( and produced the following results:

Here are a couple of versions of Saturn.  The one on the left is older, on the right is newer.

 Here are some images of Jupiter captured on 1/19/02. Its moon Io is casting a shadow on its face, just below and to the right of center.

Several shots stacked and combined


Several shots stacked & combined

Another single shot

Single shot

Saturn (STV CCD camera)

Saturn from Jan 19

Jupiter, 1/19/02

Great Red Spot is (barely) visible on upper left area of top dark band.

Moon from STV (old)

Not a planet, included just for fun...

Techniques:  I'm learning how to use Astrostack, and that's what I used for the stacked pix.

Equipment: Olympus C-4040 digital camera, Scopetronix "digi-T" adapter, Takahashi FS-102 telescope, either a UO Klee 2.8x or Celstron 2x barlow lens (or both stacked) and a Celestron 26mm plossl eyepiece.

Planetary Challenges: With planets you need high magnifications, so you need to shoot both through the scope and through a magnifying eyepiece. (All my previous through-the-scope pictures didn't use an eyepiece.) A few more planet pix in the gallery below.



Using an Olympus C-4040 digital Camera


Jupiter, Film

An experiment with 800 film...


Digicam Jupiter #2


Digicam Saturn


Jupiter, film

Kodak E200 slide film, 1/2 sec


Jupiter with Film

1/2 sec, 100 print film


Saturn, film

1 sec, Kodak E200 slide film


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Planetary Landscapes

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