December 2020 Moon/Planet Conjunction Pictures

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Here are pictures of the December, 2020 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  This was the closest they have been for hundreds of years, and the next "super close" pairing will be in 2080, with a not-as-close event in 2040.


Jupiter (left) and Saturn (right) at closest approach, 12/21/2020



On 12/16 Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon were close (note the passing plane)


12/16: Another scene, Moon with Earthshine, a satellite trail on the left, the planets, and an approaching plane



Moon 12/16 at 7% looked nice



12/20 Planets - One night before closest approach


The skies on 12/20, the night before the closest Jup/Sat approach were very clear and steady, allowing me to capture a decent view of with the DSLR & 500mm camera lens.  The planets and Jupiter's moons (and an "imposter" moon totally lined up as if it were a real moon!) are adjusted away from actual brightness to show detail. We all clearly saw two objects.  I liked this frame because it has a plane passing through.  See below for detail.


12/20 Annotated



12/21 - Closest approach


The skies were less cooperative on 12/21, but we were able to see it through the small scope and capture it via the DSLR & long lens.  I wasn't able to clearly see two distinct objects visually through the slightly hazy skies.


Note the Moon just touching the planet - see inset for detail



12/21 Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction with a passing jet



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(Nikon 55mm f2.8 macro lens, Kodak E200 slide film, ~8 sec exposure)


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