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Davis Mountains Cloudscape

5/2004, This is view of a thunderstorm from the Davis Mountains near Ft. Davis, TX. USA

Sundogs & More 10/2007

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Cloudage (Clouds through telescope)

There was a heck of a storm to the south of us.  I popped outside just after sunset and saw this spectacular sky.  Nikon N90s camera, Kodak E200 film, Tokina AT-X 17mm f3.5 AF 17 Aspherical lens.  Above:  1/100sec exposure @ f8, aperture priority, center-weighted meter.  Saturday Night 6/14/03.
Threatening Sky (last couple of photos on the linked page)


Crepuscular Rays through Clouds
Update June, 2003:  Finally figured out what the name of this was via a photo in Astronomy magazine.
This was taken the day of the partial eclipse in 2002.  Unfortunately, the sun was too low in the sky for me to shoot the eclipse.  However, as is often the case in photography, I took this nice shot instead of the shot I set out

Above: Rain Storm over Blue Mountain in Fort Davis, TX.
More Crepuscular Ray pictures here (scroll down)
A fun shot of a jet's contrail through the TOA...


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