West Texas 2007 Scenic Pictures: photos by Dick Locke
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These images are from the Davis Mountains, March and October, 2007.

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West Texas Rain Squall

Do You Think It Might Rain?  Heading into a bit of a shower on my way to the Davis Mountains 10/2007.  Despite a lot of rain showers, had lots of clear nights for astronomy.

Shower over Blue Mountain

This time I set up in a different spot, behind the van there on the right.  (My "regular" cabin was occupied.)  Blue Mountain, in the background, is about 4.5 miles away.

Fishtail Rainbow Sundog

Stephen O'Meara has a great article on sundogs in the 12/07 issue of Astronomy.  If you're a subscriber you can see the article here.  Sundogs are caused by light reflecting off ice crystals.


Rainbow Near McDonald Observatory

...from the Davis Mountains.


Big Blue Mountain...

With a small rain cloud nearby....


Smoking Mountain

A cloud forms and dissipates in a few seconds as air cools and passes over this mountain top.


This is one of my astronomy setup areas in the Davis Mountains, along with a bit of a rainbow on Blue Mountain...

Blue Mountain doing the smoking thing.  Click on the thumbnail and see which way the wind blows...

The Road Home from Ft. Davis (click thumbnail)

Picture postcard blue skies... Too much?

Leaving Ft. Davis

Click thumbnail.  Looking down the road heading from Ft. Davis to Balmorhea on 17. The clear blue sky is what us astronomers like!  Same spot as left picture with the van added for scale.

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