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Greater Short-horned Lizard

Phil and I saw this guy on one of our morning macro shoots during the 2015 Davis Mountains trip (from which we have astronomy and daylight pictures)  It's a "threatened" species found in the Davis and Guadalupe mountains of West Texas! We've saw a number of them on the 2015 trip, which is good news then.  Not sure what's hanging from the bottom of his mouth, perhaps part of his last meal?

Mule Deer Close-Up

Mule Deer, 2009.  This guy gave me quite a start when he walked up outside the cabin in the Davis Mountains.  I was ready with two cameras, including the big 300mm telephoto with a 1.4x tele-converter for some real close-ups.  Nice blue sky background.  The day I captured the mule deer image was my best night for astronomy pictures.

Montezuma Quail (Cytonyx Montezuma)

 He's a real pretty boy!  From the West Texas Bird page.

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Yes, they're "real"

No pot of gold found 8-(   

Pronghorn ("Pronghorn Antelope")...  Outside Ft. Davis, TX, USA

The pronghorn is the 2nd fastest land animal according to wiki, at 61 mph!  Three of them were casually dining next to the road as I was heading home, towards Ft Davis on 166. 3/2007


Javelina, or Collared Pecarry

This guy wasn't sure he was happy with a photographer stalking him.  I stood up, yelled at him, and threw a rock to convince him I was boss.  I wouldn't recommend it to others, as this guy has sharp tusks. Also called a Tayaussa or Musk Hog. Peccary angulatus (Dicotyles tajacu ~ Tayassu tajacu)

A couple more Javelinas: Close-up, and chomping on a plant that would just about sever your leg if you brushed up against it...  The Javelina is proving he's tough...


More info on the Javelina, or Collared Pecarry.

Chihuahuan Spotted Whiptail

Formerly Davis Mountains Lizard.  4/1/07:  (Gil) "It is either the Texas spotted whiptail,  Cnemidophorus gularis, or, more likely, its congener the Chihuahuan  spotted whiptail, C. exsanguis."  Update: definitely a Chihuahuan spotted whiptail  

A bunny, how nice :-)

Per Gil: ...a Black-tailed jackrabbit, Lepus californicus. This species is widespread in Texas, and is the only species of jackrabbit that occurs there.


I believe this is a picture of a Robber Fly, with a moth providing lunch.  It's on a nylon hammock rope, in case you're wondering.

Lightning Pictures:

More Mule Deer

Mule Deer... Check out the ears.  Do you see all three?

West Texas Astrophotography by Dick Locke

Greater Short-horned Lizard
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Deer, Cactus, and Sky

As you can tell from the picture above, the skies finally cleared very nicely on 3/28/2009 when the deer showed up.  Just looking for a bite to eat I think.

Careful!  Thorns

He's nibbling at some leaves on a very thorny plant...  Delicately!

Mule Deer, Davis Mountains, 2009

I was able to get right in tight with the 300mm/1.4x lens combination


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