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Lots of pictures from the Davis Mountains area of Texas, USA, planet Earth.

Spring 2016 Pictures


Fall 2015 Pictures

High Desert Sun Halo

Above:  11/12/12, Nikon D7000, 1/800s at ISO 320.  Nikon 10-24mm zoom lens at 24mm.  This is the lead image on my Sun Dogs and Sun Halos page.

West Texas Bird Pictures

Finally, a page dedicated to the birds I've shot in West Texas. 

Rainbow Pictures

Lightning Pictures

West Texas Wildlife Pictures

High Desert Sun Halos & Sundogs

Time-Lapse Videos

West Texas Yucca & other flowers

Fall 2015 Pictures
11/2013 Scenic Shots mixed with Astronomy Shots
Astronomy & a Lightning Shot, Late Spring 2011

Fall 2011 Scenic Pictures

West Texas 2010 Scenic Pictures

New West Texas 2009 Scenic Pictures

West Texas 2008 Scenic Pictures

The 2011 Spring trip was interrupted by Fire! Pictures here.

West Texas October 2007

Check out my West Texas Astronomy Pictures here...


West Texas Scenic Photography:  Cactus flower pictures

Blue Mountain at Sunset

Other Scenic

Above: Rain Storm over Blue Mountain in Fort Davis, TX.

McDonald Observatory in Context

My Main Scenic Picture Page

West Texas Astrophotography by Dick Locke

Texas Hill Country Bird Pictures

Focus on the Clouds

The sun is still hitting the (very high) tops of this thundercloud as the sun sets in West Texas.  Note the bottom of the cloud, no doubt several miles below the top, is dark/red-blue.  This is a film image from a Nikon F3 camera. Later that night there was more lightning.

West Texas Astrophotography by Dick Locke

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