Astrophotography in West Texas: Images from my 5/2004 West Texas Trip
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Photographs by Dick Locke

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5/30/04: IC 4628 and star clusters in Scorpius (this old image is towards bottom of page)

Antares area

New: Milky Way Image Gallery

 M20, M24, dark nebula

Thin Crescent Moon, less than one day old!

 M8 & M20 (Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae) Pictures

Just in: Comet NEAT Q4:   

Galaxy Photos

M16 -- Eagle Nebula

Omega Centauri (Nikon D100 DSLR)

Lightning Pictures:

Scopes, plus Venus, Moon, Mars, Saturn

Probably from 5/21/2004, definitely from West Texas in the Davis Mountains

Other good stuff below from West Texas (non astro)

West Texas Scenic Photography: Images by Dick Locke
West Texas Scenic Photography # 2: Images by Dick Locke
West Texas Scenic Photography # 3: Images by Dick Locke


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