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Fountain & Train in Downtown Houston

Architecture Images, downtown Houston
New 2008: Houston Street Scenes 


Louisiana Look

This photograph features a view looking south down Louisiana Street, during December 2003.  The (old) Reliant building is on the left.  Notice the interesting reflections on the Marriot hotel (right of center).  The new Enron building is visible in the middle right.  Nikon F2, Nikon 18mm lens, Fuji Velvia film.

Similar to above, but from across the street.  You can see the Chevron Texaco Heritage Plaza on the right.  Thumbnail only!


The images above are from the Portofino shopping center near our house.  (Didn't have to go to Italy!)  The fountain features Hercules and Atlas, according to a gentleman maintaining the fountain.


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Downtown Houston, Under Construction!

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