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More Mushroom and Fungus Pictures

Stinkhorn Mushroom!

 Scroll down for more.   Above: 3/12/04: Identified the above as a "columned" stinkhorn, Linderia columnatus.  Received a "Texas Mushrooms" book from Amazon today.  These guys feature a really scary black slime that smells really bad (thus the name.)  I did notice that it had a bit of a "ripe" olfactory aura.  Image 3/6/04.

Colorful Lichen

Lichen from March 2007, West Texas.


Purple Mushrooms

.  Collybia iocephala, meaning "violet head".  4 seconds, Nikon 105mm F2.8 macro lens @ f36

Mushrooms growing out of tree stump

Notice the reddish purple mushroom on the upper part of the image, just left of the main mushroom group. 4 second exposure, Nikon 55mm macro lens, ~f22

Wide angle tree stump mushrooms

4 second exposure, Tokina 17mm ATX lens @f22

Clam shell fungus

(I made up that name) on tree branch.

Got lazy and used flash on above.  Maybe a Stereum ostrea.  Stephanie M. advised it is a Turkey Tail in 10/2008.


What the heck is that thing?  Looks like a teat?  (Part of a purple mushroom...)  1/4 second, Nikon 105mm macro lens @f40.

Geastrum saccatum, looks like a puffball;  flash.

 Please Contact me if you can identify any of these mushrooms/fungi! 

Notes for most of the above:  Saturday, October 11, 2003:  I took a walk on the hike & bike trails near my house in The Woodlands, TX, with my camera gear and tripod in tow.  We had been having quite a bit of rain, and that usually brings out some interesting fungi.  Nikon D100 pictures from this walk are below.  More fungus pictures, including the wild, "bright yellow fungus" here.  Check out the Morning in The Woodlands: D100 Pond & Flower pictures too.

Photo Talk: Nikon D100, Tripod on all images (obviously) except the flash.

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