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This page features the best of my Texas Hill Country Bug Pictures from the Starry Nights B&B.

Orange Sulfur Butterfly

More Texas Hill Country Butterfly Pictures are here, and my Sulfur Butterfly page also has several from this location.

Thirsty Wasp (Female Polistes)

Wasps get thirsty!  This was captured on a hot October day in 2016 at the pond, Starry Nights B&B.


Texas Hill Country Butterflies


Yellowjacket, Vespula squamosa

Wimberley, TX, 2010.  See the big yellowjacket image, and details, on my wasp page.

Cactus Bug Party

Wimberley 2010. A close-up of these guys is on my main bug picture page here.

 Dragonfly Close-Up

 It's a real close shot of the blue and yellow dragon fly.  Check out the spiny legs!  Photo Notes: It's hand-held,  1/45 second at f11 with the Nikon D100 and 105mm AF f2.8D macro lens. 

More Dragonfly and Damselfly Pictures

Fly Page

Long-horned Bee Covered with Pollen from 2016 (now on bee page)


Different angle on the dragonfly above

More Dragonflies here: Marshland Pictures

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Texas Hill Country Birds

Starry Nights Birds


Gil advises: "It is (definitely) an immature Black-crested titmouse, as Dwanna surmised it might be. It is not a Plain titmouse."  Per Dwanna: "It looks like a "plain titmouse" but it could be a young "black crested" titmouse, which are more common around here. The male and female look pretty much the same, but their young have a gray crest at first."

Fly Pictures have been moved to this page!

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