Texas Hill Country Pictures 2005
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Texas Hill Country Bird Pictures

Pictures from my May 2005 trip to the Wimberley area, Texas, USA.  Recent butterflies are here.

Little Wood Satyr

Per Gil: Your satyr is a Little wood-satyr, Megisto cymela, of the southern form, sometimes considered a separate species, Viola's wood-satyr, M. viola.


Two-Headed Butterfly!

This is a Great purple hairstreak, Atlides halesus per Gil!  Not great pictures, but a cool butterfly...

The birds go after the back end, which looks like a head but is expendable.

White Butterfly, ID pending.

Inconspicuous Frog

Tiny Spider

Eastern Fence Lizard

Per Gil: Your "Lizard!" is a female Eastern fence Lizard, of the northern subspecies, Sceloporus undulatus hyacinthinus (sorry, but the "southern" subspecies occurs farther east).  2015 Update: I haven't known Gil to make an incorrect ID so far, but this looks a lot like a Texas Spiny Lizard...

Plenty of Deer.  This one looks pretty healthy...

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2006: Texas Hill Country Birds

Butterfly Close-ups

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