Aphids & Flowers
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Ladybug Finishing Off an Aphid

Backyard, 2016.   The yellow/orange bugs are aphids.  Specifically they are "Oleander Aphids" or "Milkweed Aphids, Aphis Nerii.

Aphid Party on Milkweed

June 2016, we had a bumper crop of Aphids on our Milkweed!  Ladybugs to the rescue...

Below: Old film pictures circa 2004

Here are some pictures taken in my neighbor's yard.  They are growing some beautiful flowers. I went over there chasing a butterfly that I never found, but while I was there I found some photo-ops.  Nikon N90s, Nikon 105 f2.8 macro, Flash, Aperture priority ~f32,  Kodak E200 film

Update 11/31/02: Here's something from the last of the "Aphids" shooting. Our neighbors released hundreds of Ladybugs to take care of their Aphid population. I had carefully shot a bunch of print film of the ladybugs & aphids, which Eckerds promptly  destroyed. I came home, mad, and dashed across the street to try to get some decent shots. Despite foul weather (rain & wind), most of the aphids were gone after 2 days. No longer super hungry, the ladybugs had time to attend to other matters, as you can see from the pic below.  Scroll down to see the older photo gallery.

Mating Lady Bugs with Aphids

Finger (for scale)

This should help you get a feel for the scale of the following pictures. This is my index finger.

Beautiful Flowers


The Aphids are digging it...


More Beautiful Flowers

Still More Beautiful Flowers

Very Close Aphids

This is the closest of the aphid shots. Note a couple of 'em with wings, and a few other bugs as well.

Aphids & Buds

Still More Aphids



Corpus Christi Flowers

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