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Finally, after many years of photographing bugs...  Some moths!  I checked and these 2006 images are the first ever moth pictures I've published.

White-tipped Black Moth

White-tipped Black Moth - Melanchroia chephise.  This is a rare "day flier."  Most moths are nocturnal, which is probably the reason this is the first picture of a moth that I've published as of August 2016.  Here's the link.

Cisseps fulvicollis - Yellow-collared Scape Moth

Boom, here's another moth from the back yard, August 2016.  This guy was flying around at 9:20 the morning; another day-flier.  Nikon D750 and 200mm f4 macro lens.  Bugguide link here.

Atteva aurea - Ailanthus Webworm Moth

Backyard November 18, 2016 on an basil flower.  Bugguide link here.

Elasmopalpus lignosellus - Lesser Cornstalk Borer

Another tiny moth from the backyard on the basil.  November 18, 2016.  Bugguide link here.

Female Sphinx Moth

Most likely a Female Mournful Sphinx Moth, Enyo lugubris (southern range).  That's according to here.  I've seen these during late morning and evening hours; this one was captured with the 500mm lens & flash on a Nikon D810A camera.  They can be confused with hummingbirds as their wings beat very fast, not really what you'd expect from a moth.

Yellow-collared Scape Moth Side View

Nikon D750 and 200mm f4 macro lens.  Bugguide link here (different view, same bug).


Butterfly Pictures

Sphinx Moth

Not as good as the previous image, but OK for now.


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