OLD, from 4/18/03 Anole, Caterpillar, Spider
  by Dick Locke
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Translucent Green Spider on Flowers
N90s, Kodak E200 slide film, hand-held, flash. 

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Caterpillar under Rose
Tripod mounted Nikon N80, aperture priority, ~1s exposure, Kodak Gold 100 (print) film
Stuart Schwartz
has identified this as the caterpillar for
Orgyia leucostigma
White-marked Tussock Moth

Caterpillar Close-Up
(hand-held, flash N90s, Kodak E200 slide film)

Anole Striking a Pose

Thirsty Anole
This guy was out early in the morning drinking dew off the leaves.

One More Anole
Body shot.

All were taken in my in-laws' yard on the weekend of 4/12/03.  I was out early before the dew evaporated.

Above Pix:  all Nikon 105 f2.8 macro lens, hand-held flash, Aperture priority, f32,  Kodak Gold 100 (print) film unless noted otherwise.

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