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Spider, Caterpillar

Nikon D100 Bee
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Latest:  Grasshoppers mating...

These two hopped onto the sheet I use under my telescope stuff at our astronomy club's observing site...  Nikon 105 macro, f32, flash, Fuji Sensia.
Brazos Bend State Park Photos (gator, snake)  Honey Bees!  A hand-held macro shot taken a few hundred yards from my house, along the road.  Vivitar 90mm macro on one of my  Olympus OM  bodies.
SnailZ (& Fly) (Snail close-up pictures)
Walking Sticks (Mating)

Anole Brunch

Robber Fly with prey
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Deer, Wild Turkey

Dragonfly and Damselfly Pictures

Texas Alligator Lizard, Gerrhonotus infernalis.

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Pollen-Covered Bee

This bee was hovering, nearly stationary, in front of the purple flower (believed to be Purple Sage) for at least 45 seconds.  Not quite sure what it was up to.  Nikon 105 f2.8 Macro Lens at f22, Nikon SB-28 flash, Aperture priority, raw mode.

See my bee page.

Baby Fawn
(Isn't that redundant?) My parent's place in Michigan

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