California Animal Pictures: Starfish, Anemones, Crabs
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July 2004 Travel Photos

Running Starfish

Doesn't this guy look like he's running or jumping  away from the mussels (or whatever the shellfish are)?

Starfish at Low Tide

Sea Anemone

Sea Anemones are members of the invertebrate order Actiniaria (class Anthozoa, phylum Cnidaria).  The are primarily sedentary marine animals resembling flowers. Nematocysts, stinging structures in the tentacles, paralyze prey such as fishes and other marine animals. Some species eat only microorganisms. Anemones are eaten by sea slugs, certain starfishes, eels, flounders, and codfish.(Britannica 2003)

Starfish shots from the Sonoma coast beaches including Shell Beach and Miwok Beach.  The anemone's from the same place.  Here's another view, different guy:


How about some Crabs? (Crab picture)

California Bird Pictures: 2004 Trip, Bodega Bay

As of 8/2/04, these shots are all from my Nikon D100.  All images cropped, resized, and lightly tweaked in Photoshop.

California Pictures: 2004 Trip


Oregon Pictures:   2005 Trip, Dick Locke

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