US Flag Post 9/11

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The Flag in Video

I shot this at my in-laws house in Lake Jackson, TX, shortly after 9/11/2001.  In 10/2004 I agreed to allow Ian Rhett to use this image in his video called  "(I didn't know I was) Unamerican"

This is a 21mm shot using a circular polarizer.  It's a scan from cheap fuji SHQ 100 film from Target*. Straight-up scan on my Nikon Coolscan IV ED using Nikon software, cropped, autobalanced, and unsharp-masked in PS. 

*Astronomy talk: this film was reported to be good for long-exposure piggyback astrophotos.  Got some from Target with a late expiration date... Watch the expiration date when you're in Target ;-)  Anyway, never tried it on Astrophotography.

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