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This page is about my "daylight" pictures and experiences with the Nikon D810A camera.  I have a separate page about astrophotography with the D810A here.  I have created a Yahoo Group dedicated to the D810A.  Please check it out.  Here's a review of the camera from the Luminous Landscape by Alan Dyer.


Full Camera Resolution Crop - Thryallis

D810A with 200mm f4 lens at f14, 1/800s, Matrix metering, ISO 1000, auto white balance and Vivid setting.  This is a straight crop of the camera jpeg, no editing.

Dragonfly Extreme Close-ups
(Most with D810A)

Common Whitetail: Eyes Only

I like it when I can catch some detail in the compound eyes of bugs.  This a close up of a male Common Whitetail dragonfly.  Nikon D810A camera, 200mm f4 macro lens, f10, 1/320s, ISO 800.  Many of my 2015 dragonfly pictures were shot with the D810A.

Common House Spider & Egg Sac 2015

This gal was hanging out on the front door.  I used her to practice my macro techniques included use of the Nikon D810A's electronic front curtain, mirror-up, and delayed exposure features.  This was 1/20s at f9, ISO 640, with the 200mm f4 lens.  See more spiders here.

Dwarf Powderpuff Flower Detail

The colors were interesting on this one, but similar to the D750.  D810a, 200mm f4 lens, f13, 1/640s, ISO 3200 (wow!)  This one was cropped and re-sized; no sharpening.

Nikon D810A Moon Pictures


Camera control and processing options for the Nikon D810A as of 8/25/15:

Astronomy and Camera Equipment

Processing Astrophotos

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Old Scope Setup

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Various statistics on the D810A:


35.9 x 24.0 mm CMOS sensor

FX format (36x24): 7360 x 4912

Approx. 980 g/2 lb 2.6 oz with battery and SD memory card but without body cap; approx. 880 g/1 lb 15.1 oz (camera body only)

Info below from my equipment page

Scopeflen mmST-8300xST-8300yST-8300 arc sec pixST-8300 bin 2x2ST-8300 bin 3x3QHY8 xQHY8 yQHY8 aspp20Dax20day20Da asppD810A x arcminD810A y arcminD810A aspp
Toa 130 1.6x Extender12.316002938.70.701.402.1034511.0132.248.30.8277.15.160.64
TOA 130 Flat7.7100046621.112.233.3455801.6152771.32123.482.51.03
TOA 130 Reducer New5.36969867881.603.194.79117772.30681021.89176.3117.91.47
TOA 130 Reducer Old5.875462821.482.954.43721062.13681021.75163.6109.41.36
Baby Q5.34501031372.484.957.431191813.581211822.93274.3183.42.28
Baby Q Reducer3.863281421893.406.7910.191642494.921572364.02376.325.63.13


Cameraspix wpix himg. Cirpixel sizewidth mmheight mmarea sq mmDelta QHY8

Above Updated 8/24/14 with the TOA 130 new reducer info, and July 2015 for the D810A Camera.

Here's a review of the camera from the Luminous Landscape by Alan Dyer.