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Greater Roadrunner, 2016

This guy was making strange noises, almost like a cuckoo, outside the vacation house. Turns out, it's a member of the Cuckoo family. So there you go!  It seems he was calling to his girlfriend.  She showed up right after he flew/glided down the mountain, and did the same.  So roadrunners can fly, for short distances.

Roadrunner Headshot #1

Roadrunner Headshot # 2

The above are all from the Spring 2016 Davis Mountains trip.


Roadrunner 2015 - Better

This guy was running around during our 9/15 trip, but I felt like Wile-E-Coyote trying to chase him down for a picture.  This is one of the better shots I got off.

Roadrunner 2015 - Long Tail!

As noted, the roadrunner(s) led me on several merry chases in 2015.  Here's another decent shot showing the full length of his tail.

Roadrunner 2015 - Elusive

Greater roadrunner,  Geococcyx californianus

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