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The Bridge over Multnomah Falls

The science guy in me requires that I point out the upper falls area has the dreamy, flowing appearance, where the lower falls appear more "frozen in time."  Why is that?  Scroll to the bottom ***Answer.

542 feet for the high falls, they say 620 total fall


Ghost in Multnomah Falls

The water comes down in "sheets" and can make some interesting images.  Apparently there's a local legend of a ghost in the falls, and it's easy to see why.  This is my version of the ghost in the falls.

Me at Horsetail Falls

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All images: Nikon D200 camera, Nikon 18-200 VR zoom.  The vibration reduction feature was a huge aid to capturing sharp images in the shadows of a late afternoon sun.  Long exposures lend a nice dreamy effect on the flowing water.

Why do the falls look different in the top shot?  They list the upper falls at 542 feet and the lower falls at 69 feet.  Water from the upper falls is falling faster on the upper falls, where it has plummeted almost 500 feet.  Water on the lower falls is just beginning to fall and hasn't picked up much speed.  That makes the top water a blur and the bottom flow more "frozen in time."

More info on Multnomah Falls is here.


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