Lakeside Park in The Woodlands: Pictures
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I just recently visited this park for the first time in late 2018.  If you walk down the path, past the kid-friendly amenities and pavilions, there is a nice lookout over Bear Branch Reservoir.

Just Before Sunrise at Lakeside Park in The Woodlands - Click for a 36-second Time-lapse Video

November 28, 2018.  This is one of 1055 frames that went into a Sunrise Time-lapse video that is on YouTube here.

Bald Eagle From Lakeside Park in The Woodlands

I caught this image on Sunday 1/6/19 as the eagle was flying towards the North over Bear Branch Reservoir.  Later this day it flew back the other way with something in its talons, and followed by a juvenile bald eagle.

Early Morning Osprey

This Osprey flew nearly overhead very early morning 10/28/18 as the sun's rays just started peeking up over the trees. In this case the early photographer got the bird.

Foggy Morning Photography Setup (Click for Time-lapse Movie)

High water and fog greeted me before sunrise on the morning of 1/6/19.  Fortunately I had thought to wear my waterproof hiking boots; necessary to get to the pier without getting soaked.  The camera on the left captured the frames for this time-lapse movie of the fog gradually lifting.  The camera & big lens on the right had to wait for a few hours until the fog cleared for decent pics.  This one was captured with my cellphone.

MegaBirds, MegaBig!

Megabirds before sunrise! I posted a really large version of this one.   If you look carefully you will see a Roseate Spoonbill, super cool. I was hoping to get some "good" pics of one of those but no luck so far.  Oct 28, 2018.

This one was 1/13s about 20 minutes before sunrise at f4, ISO 1600, D850 and 500mm lens... Definitely on a tripod!

Turtles on a Stick

Turtles on a stick... New Year's day 2019 from Lakeside Park; this picture features an old Snapping Turtle (top), a younger Snapping Turtle (middle) and an older Red-eared Slider (bottom). I'm judging age on the basis of the growth on their carapaces so I could be wrong!

Spotted Sandpiper

I didn't know we had Sandpipers near The Woodlands, how about that?  1/1/2019.

My Fish!

I noticed a bit of a commotion involving two grebes.  On going to the film it was clear that one had a fish and the other wanted it.  This guy ran/flew away and managed to swallow the fish while doing so.  Very impressive.

Pied-billed Grebe in the Morning Fog

Downy Woodpecker with a Snack

From 1/6/2019.

Northern Flicker

Also from 1/6/2019.

The Photographer on a Foggy Morning!  (1/6/2019)

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