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Filtered Sunset

I took this through my Astrotech 66mm telescope with a solar filter as the sun set on a far away hillside.  Nikon D100 camera, 1/30 s exposure, fixed tripod.  Click the picture for a larger image.

Nov Sco 2007

Click the thumbnail to see the web page that shows the 2007 Scorpius nova.

M106 and Friends

Galaxies M96, M105


M97 and M108

NGC 891



M44, The Beehive Cluster


Thor's Helmet

Orion Star Trails over Starry Nights
Other Star Trail Shots here

NGC 2360 (NGC2360)

This is a mag. 7.2 open cluster near Thor's Helmet.  I landed on it while trying to find the helmet, and decided to shoot it for posterity.

Pictures from 2/15 through 2/17 2007

Had 2 perfect and one excellent night on this trip.


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My plans and notes for the night...
m67 cluster near beehive
M63 and 94 possible

M97/108 at 10:08 check focus after 11 and maybe go to 109
some passing clouds around 12:19
temp 44 at 1:30 slight breeze clouds gone
last shots tryihg for paplion in big dipper???
Thor's Helmet is NGC2359

M74 start

M109 area
NGC2174 near orion

ngc 7023, iris nebula

15th Notes: did not drift align.  Start temp ~32, finish ~20.
Sigma 14mm on F2 at f5.6 or f5.6 plus
Nik 18mm on F3 at f5.6
Oly 21mm at on om2n at f8

16 notes, m33 guiding spikey at end 1.7 avg
9:30 temp 42, not moving, focus good moving to ic443
at 10:48 top graph x/y is periodic with 2's on the top, must be dec corrections due to imperfect polar.  did some drifting tonight had to crank az tons
transparency vg-ish
11:44, getting a bit windy, cold front coming in from N

1st night some frost, 2nd night dry, third also seems dry