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Queen Butterflies, Davis Mountains, 2008

Male Queen Butterfly

Above Queen pictures: Davis Mountains, 2008, Nikon D200, Nikon 300mm f4 ED lens.

Female Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed

This is the same speciman as below.  She's getting some lunch before laying eggs.  Note the aphids love the milkweed as well!  Our efforts to control the aphids have not been very successful.


Monarch Laying Eggs ("Ovipositing")

I'm surprised she can find room to lay eggs given the aphid population!  August 2016 in the back yard.

Female Monarch Butterfly Ovipositing

From August 2016 in the backyard.  She's laying her eggs on milkweed.

Monarch Butterfly and Two Bees on Mexican Bush Sage

Wimberley, Texas, October 2003.  I previously thought the plant was Mexican Sage.  Gil initially disagreed, but Doug says "That is one of the Salvia Leucantha, Mexican Bush Sages." and Gil is now on board with that!

Queen Butterfly

Once again thanks to Gil for identifying the Queen, above.  I thought it was a monarch when I shot it.  Says Gil: "Your butterfly is a Queen, Danaus gilippus, and is identifiable as a female, of the southwestern race. As you might have guessed, Queens are closely related to Monarchs, which are in the same genus."  This was shot in 10/2007 in the Davis Mountains.

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