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Images from in and around Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA.  These shots are all from Ecola State Park.  Lewis and Clark visited here, and "The area is recognized as the southernmost point reached by members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Corps of Discovery in 1806" per this informative page.

Thousands of Birds!

The thumbnail above will expand to a large-to-huge image showing a close-up of all the bird action on the rocks.  Apparently there are tens of thousands of birds on these rocks, including brown pelicans and common murres

Common Murres

Common murres are relatives of the Puffin, and look like penguins.  They crowd together on the rocks.  You can walk fairly close to some of these "bird rocks."  Depending on the direction of the wind, the smell can be pretty strong!  That's the white stuff...

Some of the birds

Huge Close-up of Birds off Ecola State Park
Check out brown pelican flying from right to left.

Gil notes the frame shows: Western gulls, Brown pelicans, and a cormorant species, which, judging by habitat alone, should be Brandt's cormorants.

(Hugest) Close-up Ecola State Park Bird Island Shot - Full Frame!
The above is not recommended for dialup...

Check out Haystack Rock in the background, and the incredible bird islands in the foreground. In this full size image you can get a sense of how many birds there really are on the islands.

Sandpipers of some Flavor, on Ecola Creek at Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach, OR.

Gil Advises: Your Oregon "shorebirds of some flavor" are Western sandpipers (generally paler, larger, and with black legs) and Least sandpipers (generally smaller, with browner breasts, and with yellow legs).

 These pictures are from these areas: Ecola State Park, Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon.  Here's a link for info about Haystack Rock, a protected marine and bird sanctuary.  Here's the Haystack Rock Bird Page.

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