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Fuzzy Tufted Titmouse

OK, not a warbler but I had to throw this onto the web.  Gil's Analysis: Cute pic of a juvenile titmouse (an adult would have a distinctly black area just above the bill) If the photo was taken in Houston or eastern Texas, it could only be a Tufted titmouse.  (And it was taken in Clute, TX)

Northern Parula

Thanks to Gil: Adult male Northern parula,  Parula americana, a common warbler of the southeast.  It nests in Spanish moss.

(And there's plenty of spanish moss at my in-laws place in Clute.)  I didn't get any great shots of this guy; above you can see I'm shooting through some obstructions.  The shot below was quite under-exposed and I dragged it out of the muck with much Photoshopping.

Texas Warbler: Parula

The parula shots: Nikon D200, Nikon 300mm f4 ed lens with a monopod attached.

Wilson's Warbler

A Wilson's Warbler from around Thanksgiving 2006 at my in-laws place in Clute, TX.  Notice how well the golden/yellow/green bird blends in with the background?

Warbler Bath Time

Wilson Warbler Photo Data: Nikon D100, Nikon VR 18-200mm F3.5-5.6 G zoom at 200mm, 1/80 sec F5.6, ISO 200, with external flash (Top, Bottom same except exposure 1/60 sec)

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

I thought maybe this was a warbler.  Christina suggested the above might be a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, and she mentions the ruby crown is hard to spot...   Gil has spoken, and assures me: "You have a photo from Clute TX that Christine thinks may be a Ruby-crowned kinglet. She is absolutely and with 100% certainty correct! It is not a warbler at all." Taken the day after Christmas, 2006, Clute, TX.  Again, note how well it blends into the background.  I have another kinglet image on my Texas Hill Country Birds page here (bottom).

Photo Data: Nikon 80-200mm ED  F2.8 Lens, Nikon D100 camera, 200mm, 1/320 sec at F2.8, no flash, ISO 500, Spot metered.

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