IC 410 and NGC1983
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NGC 1983 (the open cluster) and IC 410 (the nebula) in Auriga

This object has "The Tadpoles," a bright feature just about 1/4 from the top/center.  The tadpoles are pointing down from this view but are difficult to see.  See the tadpoles in this narrowband image on my ST-8300 page.

This image is a combination of 44 images taken on separate occasions.  The main imaging session was the 3/2007 Davis Mountains trip.

Takahashi TOA 130 (a 5" APO refractor) and Canon EOS D20a

Old Version:  14x4 minutes (56 minutes total) from 1/2/2006


The rest of the images from the 1/2/2006 trip

Davis Mountains images from the 3/2007 trip


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