Starry Nights Pictures from March, 2002

New 5/26/02: Link to Astronomy Shots from this trip.

Awesome Clouds

My 'scope against a spectacular backdrop.

Star Trails

Fuji Velvia film, Nikon F2, 35mm f1.4 lens @f5.6, 4 hours 45 minutes exposure

Orion heading for the horizon, followed by his faithful dog (Canis Major).

Click on it, you really can see it! About a 20 sec exposure, Nikon 35mm f1.4 lens wide open. Major cleanup in photoshop.

Madeline from the top of the hill.

Family, scope, at dusk. C4040 digital camera.

Madeline roasting a marshmallow. C4040.

Sparky's very interested in Madeline's camera.

Shirley chilling on a nice sunny afternoon. Nikon F2, 35mm lens/polarizer.

Madeline took this outstanding picture of the sunset's afterglow.

Another picture by Madeline (both on Olympus D-100 digital camera)

Check out the Comet picture

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