Blue Reflection Nebula Pictures
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What are reflection nebulae?  Wikipedia explains...


M45 with 20Da: 10/28/05 and 1/2/06
The Pleiades, The Seven Sisters

NGC 1990 area

Witch Head Nebula (Witchhead Nebula) Picture

IC 2169

IC447, IC 446, NGC 2247, NGC 2245, and Dark Nebulae Barnard 37, LDN 1606, LDN1607,  vDB 76, 78, and 79.

Rho Ophiuchi Nebula, IC 4603, IC 4604

"Running Man" (on M42 page)

IC 2169
B37, IC447, IC 446

Blue Reflection Nebula IC4592 (IC 4592)

Above:  2011 Spring Davis Mountains Trip.  23*5 minutes or about 2 hours total exposure through the Takahashi FSQ-85 Telescope with reducer, AP 900GTO mount, QHY8 CCD Camera.  See APOD pictures of this object and area, one is here and another is here.

IC 59 & IC 63 in Cassiopeia

IC59 is top left and IC63 lower middle, with Navi, 27-gamma Cassiopeia as the mag 2 star on the right.  33x5 minutes, or 2.75 hours total exposures.  This is very dim and you have to be crazy to try it...  From October 2008, Davis Mountains.


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