Texas Hill Country Pictures: Wimberley 2014
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IC1396: The Elephant Trunk Nebula

I completed the Elephant Trunk Nebula imaging on this trip!

Partial Solar Eclipse October 2014

Note the large sunspot complex in the middle of the sun, along with some encroaching clouds lower right.  More eclipse pictures are here.

One Percent Moon Sliver

Here's a 1% Moon from Friday night Oct 24. This is with the 300mm lens, 1.4x, and Nikon D610 on a monopod. 1/60's at ISO 2800.

Wolf Spider - Close-up

Fall 2014 from Wimberley, TX, with the Nikon 105mm macro lens.  See more on this spider page

Texas Spiny Lizard

From 2014, Wimberley Tx.  See more on my lizard picture page.

Leopard Frog in a Water Feature

Bird pictures from the trip are below, these featured the Nikon 300mm f2.8 VR II lens & D610 body.


Hermit Thrush

Eastern Phoebe

The phoebe's song sounds a lot like "phoebe!"


Eyes on the birdfeeder.

Big Brown Squirrel

This guy was after the seeds in the bird feeder "big time."

Bee on a Purple Sage Flower

Bee on Unidentified Flower

Red Yucca Flower

Eclipse Shooting

Here was the eclipse shooting setup, as you can see the clouds made things interesting.  Me and scope lower right, with the 300mm lens mid-lower-left part of the frame.  Note green blob from lens flare near the cabin shows the sun being eclipsed.

Thin Moon Sinking into the Trees

Saturday's Moon sinking into the trees. This is a nice representation of what it looked like visually; orange and with some earthshine. The moon is about 5% illuminated and 2 days old.

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