Cassiopeia Area Astrophotography
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South Cephus

Also includes a bit of Cygnus at top right and Lacerta right.  The bright red area shows the Elephant Trunk Nebula and IC 1396.   Barnard 169 is the dark area below right while Barnard 160 is the most prominent dust lane above and LDN 1109 is the area to the right around a bright star.  This is a 36*4 minute image Nikon 55mm f2.8 lens at f4 and the Canon 20Da (modified),  on the AP 900GTO mount at Starry Nights October 2010.  Check out a another view of this area here.


Cassiopeia Area

There are many nice objects in this image of the Milky Way near Cassiopeia as discussed in the table below, plus I believe that is open cluster Caldwell C28, NGC 752, on the lower right.

Heart & Soul (or Heart and Sole) Nebulae at the bottom
Heart & Soul
The Double Cluster just to the right of that
(NGC 869 & NGC 884)

More double cluster in Perseus here

M31 over on the far/upper right
M31 image
Pac Man Nebula to the left of M31
NGC 281, the Pacman Nebula
(Pac Man Nebula)
NGC 7822 on the upper left
NGC7822/Ced 214
Top Image
IC1396: The Elephant Trunk Nebula

This is a mosaic using the Canon 20Da (Modified) camera with a Nikon 28mm f2.8 lens at f4.  Consists of 23 frames combined with 15 frames at 4 min each, about 2.5 hours total exposure.  Canon 20Da (modified)AP 900GTO mountQHY8 CCD CameraOther pictures from the camera are are here. I use this Astronomy Image Processing Workflow.

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