NGC 7822/Ced 214
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NGC 7822 - DSLR + CCD

The top image consists of 27 * 4 (108 total) minute DSLR images combined with 28 * 5 (140 total) minute CCD images for 248 minutes total exposure time.  More details below.  CCD image captured on this trip to the Davis Mountains. 

NGC 7822 CCD

Above: 140 minutes total exposure CCD image.  It's covering a wider area than the combined image on the top.  Takahashi TOA 130 Telescope (a 5" APO refractor) with reducer,  AP 900GTO mount, and QHY8 CCD Camera & normal workflowCCD image captured on this trip to the Davis Mountains.  Below: Compare with DSLR image.

I think this is mostly Cederblad 214 and some of NGC 7822 but am not entirely sure.  I found this in "The Sky" while looking for something to shoot in the cloud-free part of the sky 12/29/2007 at Starry Nights/Wimberley.  Update: apparently it's also Sh2-171!

27 images of 4 minutes each = 108 minutes total exposure.  December 29, 2007.  Canon EOS 20Da (unmodified), ISO1600, Takahashi TOA 130 (a 5" APO refractor) with reducer, and Astro-Physics AP 900GTO mount  My current image processing workflow is here.


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